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Order on the go, get shipment across 48 states

Here at D3 Home Modern Furniture, we offer a personalized online shopping experience and shipment across the continental U.S. See our rich selection and get your brand new coffee table without leaving the comfort of your home or even your armchair.

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Order on the go, get shipment across 48 states

Here at D3 Home Modern Furniture, we offer a personalized online shopping experience and shipment across the continental U.S. See our rich selection and get your brand new coffee table without leaving the comfort of your home or even your armchair.

Explore our shipping options

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you match a coffee table with a couch? 

First, the technicalities: the height of your coffee table should match the height of your couch or sofa seat. There should also be enough space between the couch and the table to feel comfortable when seated, preferably a foot and a half. It also depends on how many people will be using the coffee table on a day-to-day basis. A family room coffee table needs to be sturdy and spacious, while a single’s living room coffee table can be more on the delicate side.

You should choose your coffee table in proportion to the size of your room and furniture. To maintain a high level of comfort and balance, there should be plenty of clearance around individual items of furniture, allowing you to move freely. Aside from scale, to choose the right coffee table for your existing furniture and room layout, consider the following:

  • Size,
  • Shape,
  • Functionality (casters and wheels or adaptable height),
  • Style preferences (including surface finish and color),
  • Material and texture,
  • Storage needs (shelves, drawers and compartments)
  • Budget.

Should I get a coffee table or ottoman?

It really depends on your preferences and your room size. If your San Diego living room is spacious enough, then go ahead and get both a coffee table and an otttoman. If your living room is smaller and you can only afford to accommodate one of these items, look at it from the practical side.

If you want your living room to have a cozy and welcoming feel to it, an ottoman is an excellent choice. But you can achieve the same with a coffee table, which offers a range of additional perks of its own:

  • Convenience and practicality: a coffee table allows you to keep items off the floors and within reach,
  • Decorative purpose: a coffee table can give your room a more balanced look, tying together the rest of the room,
  • Ease of maintenance: regardless of material, a coffee table is easy to clean and wipe.

Can you have an ottoman and a coffee table?

Of course! It doesn’t have to be an either-or choice. In fact, if you decide to mix-and-match and get both an ottoman and a coffee table, you can play with texture and end up with a beautifully eclectic living room look.

How do you choose a coffee table shape and size? 

Although the shape and size of your coffee table depends mainly on the rest of your living room furniture and its shape, size, style and arrangement, there are some other factors to take into consideration, such as your lifestyle.

Do you cherish your alone time and prefer to spend it curled up on the sofa with a hot cup of cocoa and a good book? A small oval or rectangular coffee table will do. But if you love having people over, you will need a centrally-located square or round coffee table large enough to accommodate many plates and glasses.

We can offer helpful guidelines to help you come up with your ideal living room layout, from the sofa and chairs to the final touch: the coffee table. Depending on your needs in terms of functionality and room and furniture layout, we may recommend a group of matching or complementary coffee tables.

Should a coffee table be lower than the couch?

A coffee table should preferably be of the same height as the couch seat or lower. A coffee table that’s higher than your furniture is not the best choice.

Can I use a coffee table as an end table?

Coffee tables can be versatile, and that’s one of the best things about them. They can be used as both centrally located coffee tables and end tables or side tables, and it can be repurposed in a matter of seconds. You can spend Friday evening lounging by your coffee table in your favorite chair in your San Diego home with a good book, and Saturday morning sitting on the sofa and having a family breakfast at that same table.

Should I get a round coffee table?

A round coffee table is an excellent choice, especially if you have bulky, large furniture and a spacious room. Square coffee tables are also a great match for large seating configurations. Smaller rooms look better with rectangular or oval coffee tables.

If you don’t want sharp corners in your living or family room because you don’t want your kids to get injured, we also recommend going for oval or round-shaped coffee tables.

What shape coffee table is best for a sectional sofa?

The best match for a comfy sectional sofa for your San Diego home is an adequately-sized coffee table. So what is the optimal coffee table shape for your sectional sofa? We recommend going for a round or square table.

Do you use a coffee table with a reclining sofa?

Absolutely. A reclining sofa goes best with a coffee table equipped with wheels or casters that can be moved around quickly and with ease. This is especially convenient for small and cozy rooms. If your room is particularly small, choose a small and practical coffee table to go with your sofa, love seat, recliner and armchair.

Where do you put a coffee table? 

Although it really depends on the size and layout of your living space, a coffee table is usually positioned in front of the sofa, at about 14 to 18 inches. This allows for sufficient leg room between the table and the sofa, yet keeps the table within reach.

The location of your coffee table also depends on its purpose. If you choose to make your home theater the focal point of your room, you should place the sofa on the opposite side, the coffee table in front of it and the end tables and lamps on the sides.

Where can I get the best deals on furniture in San Diego? 

Here at D3 Home Modern Furniture, we offer best value for money: high quality, competitive prices and top design trends rolled into one. We keep up with the times: our furniture is sustainable and available in eco-friendly materials.

And you don’t even have to leave your comfy sofa and coffee table nook to place your order: we offer a time-saving online shopping experience. Although based in San Diego, we can ship your furniture to 48 states. Our offer is topped off with commercial-grade furniture, made to meet commercial property demands in terms of sturdiness, stability and durability. Browse through our selection and take your pick!

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