The Extō+2 is a more attractive, better functioning extension cord.

The 4077th green Extō pays tribute to the mobile medical units of the U.S Army, and if you know what the 4077 refers to, you know this design is inspired by timeless courage. A drab green powdercoated finish over the cast aluminum and stainless housing with a red cord adds depth anywhere with subtle hints of strength. It’s a perfect alternative to black, which is why it’s been seen hanging out in artist studios and well done abodes everywhere.

At the beginning we knew two things: 1) We were tired of poorly designed, hideous power strips, and 2) 97% of electrical accessories are manufactured overseas. So we sought to design the best power products in the world, while manufacturing them right here in the United States of America. Today our Extō line is sold throughout several countries to people doing amazing things everywhere: Creators, builders, dreamers, and doers.

Each one of our products is designed to make access to electricity easy and enjoyable, solving problems caused by basic plastic power strips: The Extō line of extension cords are made