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Project Safari | Collection

Hamilton the Hippo, Lewis the Lion, Gerard the Giraffe, Grayson the Gorilla, and Calvin the Crocodile are Project Safari – an alluring collection of ceramic animal bust-forms.

Each form is styled through an in-depth exploration of the features and personality of their respective animal.  The intention is to capture the essence of each animal by breaking out and distilling their unique features into compelling geometric renditions.  The final shapes are delivered through a considered approach to achieve a unified collection of compelling subjects.

We chose ceramic as the material for Project Safari because it is precious – fragile yet resilient.  .  This represents an appropriate reflection of the real-world counterparts in the wild; they are cherished – endangered yet tenacious.  They are creatures of the earth that should be valued and protected.

MATERIAL:  Ceramic, Stoneware

SIZE:  Varies Based on Animal

COLOR:  White Glaze or Charcoal Glaze

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Charcoal Glaze, White Glaze