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Embellish your living room with chic & green furniture in San Diego

D3 Home Modern Furniture focuses on quality, elegance, and sustainability when it comes to furniture design. Our carefully curated selection of living room furniture captures the beauty of a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to rustic and traditional. Browse through our collection and discover rich color palettes, enticing patterns, and timeless trends.

What’s more, we enable you to give a green touch to your living room and decorate it with furniture and accessories made of sustainable materials. From reclaimed wood to recycled plastic, we offer high-quality options designed to deliver durability and boost eco-friendliness. Express your unique style with our elevated living room furniture in San Diego!

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Browse through our selection of sofas, coffee tables, and other pieces from the comfort of your living room. We’ll process your online order within 72 hours. We ship across 48 states.

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Shop D3 Home Modern Furniture Online

Browse through our selection of sofas, coffee tables, and other pieces from the comfort of your living room. We’ll process your online order within 72 hours. We ship across 48 states.

Explore our shipping options

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my living room look bigger? 

When furnishing a small living room, you can choose different pieces of furniture to maximize the use of space and create an airy, open look. For instance, you can opt for a beige sectional sofa and pair it with a round coffee table with a glass surface. This will not only help you save space, but also enable you to open up your living room with a soft color scheme. A glass surface will reflect light throughout the room and make it seem even bigger, especially if you add a stylish mirror.

Here at D3 Home Modern Furniture, we offer a stylish selection of living room furniture sets in San Diego County and beyond. In addition to the mentioned pieces, we also boast other eye-catching and space-saving options, from two-seat sofas to numerous shelving options that will keep your living room clutter-free. We also bring you the convenience of online shopping and statewide shipping, so feel free to start browsing our website.

How do you layout furniture in a living room? 

Finding a perfect living room layout will enable you to arrange the furniture in a functional, convenient way while also accentuating some of the room’s prominent features. For instance, you can arrange your sofa and armchairs in a semi-circle around your fireplace to create an atmosphere of closeness and unity.

On the other hand, an L-shaped sectional brings you a new level of functionality and enables you to use a corner of your living room to your advantage. And if you have an open floor plan that connects your living room, dining room, and kitchen, using stylish bookshelves as partitions is a simple, yet effective and impactful solution.

With D3 Home Modern Furniture, a premier living room furniture store in San Diego, your options are endless. Whether you decide to go with a single piece or a furniture set, you receive high material quality, lasting appeal and durability, and sustainability.

How do you decorate a modern living room? 

After furnishing your living room, you can move on to the next step – giving it a unique character through tasteful decor. Here are a few tips for decorating your living room:

  • Pick a furniture style that complements the overall design of your home.
  • Choose a dominant color scheme and stick to it for a cohesive look.
  • Install layered lighting such as general, task and accent fixtures.
  • Add a stunning coffee table and create decorative arrangements.
  • Keep clutter at bay by adding modern shelving options.
  • Add depth by introducing rugs, cushions, and throws.
  • Make a statement with wall art and accessories.
  • Create an illusion of spaciousness with mirrors.

You can find all these mesmerizing options at D3 Home Modern Furniture and more. While our living room furniture selection includes stunning sets, sectionals, coffee, end, and side tables, shelving and bookshelves, and armchairs, you can also find other chic options such as rugs, floor lamps, sofa cushions, candles, and more. Visit our store in San Diego or shop online with utmost convenience – it’s up to you!

How do you make a living room cozy? 

There are more than a few stylish ways to create a sense of comfort, depth, and coziness in your living room:

  • Layer fabrics by adding cushions, blankets, throws, and rugs
  • Experiment with natural and artificial lighting options
  • Choose a warm color palette of earthy tones
  • Pick upholstered sofas and armchairs
  • Go with wood and its warm finishes

We help you bring comfort and coziness to your home by offering modern living room furniture in San Diego, throughout the area, and nationwide. Our living room furniture and accessories come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, so you can pick those pieces that will help you create a deep, layered look.

We feature options from some of the most popular eco-conscious brands, bringing them right to your home. Start gathering ideas for furnishing and decorating your living room today by browsing our website.

What should be the focal point in a living room? 

A focal point will work as a central statement in your living room, giving it a unique flair and appeal. In general, this can be a robust fireplace, stunningly decorated coffee table, an elegant chandelier, or a high-tech media station. Your focal point will set the tone for your entire living room and capture the attention of everyone who visits you.

When it comes to our selection of modern living room furniture, you can find a great number of sophisticated options that can work as a statement piece in your San Diego home. It can be one of our decorative mirrors or an accent wall embellish with our wall art accessories. You can choose a beautiful armchair and accentuate for an impactful look. Give your living room the wow effect it deserves with our furniture.

Where can I find quality contemporary living room furniture in San Diego County? 

D3 Home Modern Furniture is a reputable living room furniture store in San Diego, but our selection of top-quality pieces is available across 48 states. We enable you to choose among various styles, materials, and pieces from a range of quality brands that are synonymous with style and durability.

In addition to bringing you stunning living room furniture sets and related pieces, we also offer elegant accessories and decor options. Our products are available to San Diego residents, as well as other surrounding neighborhoods. What’s more, owing to our online shopping and shipment options, you can buy our elevating pieces from 48 other states. Feel free to contact us for any other additional questions or concerns you may have.

Design a modern living room with our furniture in Escondido

If you want to create a modern living room look and introduce chic furniture and accessories, you don’t have to visit our store. We deliver furniture to Escondido and the surrounding areas for your complete convenience.

Take a look at our selection of sustainable pieces and choose the style, color, and design you believe would complement the rest of the design. Our team will make sure that your new furniture is delivered with care and fits perfectly in your living room.

Go green with our eco-friendly modern living room furniture in Carlsbad

If you want to give a green touch to your living room, our furniture collection is a perfect choice. In addition to featuring eco-friendly brands and pieces made of sustainable materials such as certified wood and recycled plastic, we also plant trees for every in-store or online purchase. In addition, you can furnish your Carlsbad home with our pieces that will last for years to come.

Renovate your modern living room & add chic furniture in Vista

Whether you want to renovate your entire living room or introduce a sense of novelty by adding brand-new furniture, we are here to help you by offering high-quality pieces. You can visit our store to take a look at our vast selection or give your living room a makeover without leaving your Vista home. We want to provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience, so we ship our pieces across 48 states.

Embrace elegance with our modern living room furniture in Chula Vista

With the right modern living room furniture and accessories, you can completely transform the look and feel of your space. At our store, we have a variety of pieces, including sofas, complete sets, coffee tables, and more. However, we can bring our pieces to you in Chula Vista and any other area. We make shopping simple and convenient so that you can decorate and furnish your home with zero effort.

Bring in color with modern living room furniture in San Marcos

If you want to give a modern touch to your living room, introduce furniture with a unique appeal to your home. Whether it comes to in-store or online purchases, you can find pieces that will add a pop of color or a play of pattern to your San Marcos haven. Discover some of the industry’s most popular brands and embrace sustainable elegance in your home.

Decorate your modern living room with timeless furniture in Encinitas

Here at D3 Home Modern Furniture, we enable you to furnish your living room with furniture that will never go out of style. We feature timeless designs at our store and we can bring them to your home in Encinitas. Forget about fads and kitschy styles and discover tastefully designed furniture and accessories with us. We help you increase the value of your home by designing a living room that your entire family will love.

Bring in style with our modern living room furniture in La Jolla

Elevating your home decor is easy when you have us to rely on. You can pick one of our modern living room furniture products and introduce a sense of freshness and novelty to your home. Our store furniture is available online, so you can start the redesign of your living room from your very own home in La Jolla. From eco-friendly and sustainable materials to impactful patterns and quality pieces, we have everything you need to design a perfect and sophisticated living room.

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