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Contemporary media stands that cater to your taste

Looking for a stylish media stand to complete your modern living room design? D3 Home Modern Furniture has got you covered! We carry a wide selection of leading industry brands that craft functional furniture made to last. Our elegant media stands can be purchased in our store in San Diego, as well as bought online and shipped to your location.

Shop D3 Home Modern Furniture Online

Need new furniture? Visit our website and indulge yourself in a customized online shopping experience. We ship across 48 states and won’t let you wait longer than 72 hours to process your order.

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Shop D3 Home Modern Furniture Online

Need new furniture? Visit our website and indulge yourself in a customized online shopping experience. We ship across 48 states and won’t let you wait longer than 72 hours to process your order.

Explore our shipping options

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right media stand? 

Selecting the right media stand for your San Diego home is not an easy task. To avoid making the wrong choice, take a look at the following factors you should have in mind before reaching a final decision:

  1. Choose a comfortable viewing height: For the best comfort and optimal viewing experience, you should look for a media stand that will position the screen at your eye level. Craning your neck to find a good angle to watch your favorite TV show will become a thing of the best.
  2. Don’t compromise on style: While functionality may be your biggest concern when choosing the right media stand for your living room or bedroom, you should take enough time to explore different design options as well. If chosen wisely, your TV stand will capture the modern feel of your space and bring it to the next level.
  3. Purchase a TV stand with enough storage space: Clutter can kill a vibe of your contemporary place in a heartbeat. So, when shopping for a stylish TV stand, you can look for the ones that come with closed cabinets and drawers that will be ideal for storing your magazines and other media. Another alternative may be a media stand with open shelving that will provide you with enough room to display your book collection neatly.

Here at D3 Modern Furniture store in San Diego, we boast a variety of modern media stands, ranging from eye-catching oak cupboard stands that come with a couple of drawers and practical flip-down doors, elegant black walnut ones, to minimalist plasma units made of Indonesian teak.

However, even if you are not from the area, you can always visit our website, browse through our furniture selection and place an order. We will get back to you within 72 hours.

How to pick the right size media stand?

When buying your new media stand, all you should want is for it to make a perfect combination with your TV. However, in order to get a well-balanced arrangement that won’t disrupt the flow of your living room interior decor, you need to pick the right size.

You should first measure the width of your TV and then go with the stand that has up to four inches of overhang on both ends. This way, your TV will fit nicely and be properly centered tying the whole look together. While too much overhang can be unappealing, you may go for a bit more than 4 inches if you want to get some extra room for decorations.

If you have any questions, and you’re not sure how to decide on the most adequate measurements for your media stand, consult our skilled professionals. We take great pride in our excellent customer care and will be glad to give you a hand.

How much should I pay for a TV stand? 

The prices of media stands in the stores across San Diego vary greatly, depending on the materials they are made of, different brands, their overall quality, and similar. However, when researching media stands for sale online, you shouldn’t just go with the cheapest option you come across. You’ll probably end up with a poorly crafted piece of furniture that will wear out quickly.

Instead, opt for the media stand that will give you your money’s worth and complement the rest of your interior design. With us, you’ll get exactly that.

D3 Home Modern Furniture has a vast selection of functional, contemporary media stands available in different price ranges, specifically tailored to meet YOUR needs and budget. You can also explore our sustainable furniture pieces available at competitive prices and implement a green touch into your home.

How can I decorate my media stand? 

When decorating your media stand, you should be careful not to overdo it and create a mess out of it. Instead, keep it simple with this easy-to-follow decor tips:

  • Create a gallery wall around your TV:  This is a fun way to introduce your family photos or artworks into your living room design. Their rectangle shape will match the TV screen creating a nice symmetry and an uninterrupted design flow.
  • Use the same colored accessories: To maintain the elegant look of your sophisticated media stand, don’t go too crazy with a color palette. Instead, add a few scented candles, a potted plant or a vase in one of your favorite pastel nuances, and your TV stand will be good to go.
  • Display your book collection: Interestingly-designed book covers can definitely serve as fun decor pieces. You can arrange them according to their color for a more balanced appearance.

Our experienced furniture design specialists from San Diego, and the area, will be happy to share their ideas with you if you hit a rough patch and need some fresh ideas to stir up your imagination. Feel free to tell us your wishes and desires, and we will go above and beyond to match you with the right media stand that fits your vision ideally.

Where to find high-quality media stands for sale in San Diego, CA? 

Right here at our fully stocked furniture store! D3 Home Modern Furniture, aside from boasting a variety of contemporary living room media stands, has a rich offer of other top-of-the-line furniture pieces. You can visit us today and explore our elegantly-designed, practical end-tables or revitalize your living room decor with our multi-functional coffee tables. On top of that, our San Diego store carries versatile modern console tables that will cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences.

That’s not all! Just because you are not from the San Diego area, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy our unique selection of living room and other furniture. On the contrary, D3 Home Modern Furniture provides an online shopping option and efficient shipment across 48 states. This is your chance to refurbish your home with the latest world trends.

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