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Decorate with style with our modern sectionals

We present a superb collection of sectionals for sale that is diverse, full of color, and very much in style, boasting something for every type of décor. We offer designer pieces made of the highest quality materials. Find some of the most stylish sectionals not only in San Diego, but also across the country. Visit us at our showroom or shop online and enjoy shipping across 48 states.

Shop D3 Home Modern Furniture online

Discover our selection of modern sectionals and pick one for your own home. Shop online & wait for your piece to arrive. We process orders within 72 hours & ship to 48 states.

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Shop D3 Home Modern Furniture online

Discover our selection of modern sectionals and pick one for your own home. Shop online & wait for your piece to arrive. We process orders within 72 hours & ship to 48 states.

Explore our shipping options

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sectional sofas practical? 

Whether you’ve decided to give your living room a complete makeover or want to introduce a sense of novelty by adding a new piece of furniture, you should consider going with one of the modern sectionals.

However, many homeowners wonder if this is a practical choice since it requires more space than a sofa. If you’re wondering the same, here are several instances where a sectional piece is far more convenient and appealing than a regular sofa:

  • If you have a spacious living room, a sectional sofa can be a perfect addition.
  • If you want to use the corner of the living room, you can pick an L-shaped sectional.
  • If you have a big family, this piece of furniture will provide you with more seating space.

Here at D3 Home Modern Furniture, you can find an array of options when it comes to contemporary sectionals for sale in San Diego. Depending on your needs and living room space, you can go with a three-piece sectional that boasts a chaise design. We also offer two-piece sectional sofas for more limited areas. Take a look at our collection & discover even more options!

What should I look for when buying a sectional couch? 

Sectional sofas are often thought of as the anchor piece to a living room, family room, or den – and for good reason. Having a comfy spot for everyone to sit together is what sectionals are all about, so choosing the right one for your room is crucial.

However, to pick a sectional that will complement your living room and meet your needs. you’ll want to consider:


  • Size & shape: You can go with an L- or U-shaped sectionals that can accommodate two, three, or more individuals – it all depends on the available space in your living room.
  • Materials & fabric: Would you prefer a wood frame and soft cotton upholstery or are you a fan of the leather-metal combination? Either way, go with quality materials that will last and decorate your room for years.
  • Style & design: Pick a sectional that will complement the rest of your living room. For instance, if you have a contemporary home, you can go with a sectional that boasts simple, sleek lines.
  • Color: Consider the dominant color scheme in your living room and pick a sectional that will either stand out or blend in. Nonetheless, make sure to go with complementary hues to create a cohesive look.
  • Price: Of course, you need to pick a piece that fits your budget, but keep in mind that investing more initially will bring you lasting quality and style.

We have everything you’re searching for when it comes to modern sectionals for sale in San Diego and throughout the country. Whether you want to create a minimalist living room look or go design a room that exudes comfort and coziness, we present a variety of options you can choose from. Our pieces come from leading brands and will bring you both visual appeal & lasting durability.

How do I arrange my living room with a sectional? 

In addition to looking into contemporary sectionals, you also need to consider how to place such a piece in your living room. In general, you shouldn’t push it completely against the wall, but leave some space to create an airy look. Make sure that it faces the focal point of your living room, which can be a rustic fireplace or a modern TV set.

Then, if your sectional has a chaise, you can pair it with a small side table. Depending on the shape and size of your sectional, you can also add an extra armchair, ottoman, or coffee table.

So, feel free to look into other stylish options we offer in addition to beautiful sectionals for sale in San Diego and the rest of the country. With our help, you’ll be able to design a living room you and your family will love spending time in.

How do you decorate a living room with a sectional couch? 

Whether you want to give more personality to your sectional or create a specific look, you can try the following suggestions:

  • Add some patterned cushions and colorful throws to add a pop of color to a neutral sectional.
  • Layer different fabrics such as blankets and throws to give a leather sectional a cozy look.
  • Introduce a stunning area rug to your central area with a sectional to tie the room together.
  • Welcome side tables or a coffee table where you can create decorative arrangements and add accent details.

D3 Home Modern Furniture features a selection of modern sectionals for sale that you can see in-person at our San Diego store or order online. Either way, our pieces work with a variety of styles and other types of living room furniture, so feel free to take your pick and give your living room a wow effect.

Do I have other options in addition to contemporary sectionals in San Diego? 

Browse our collections and see for yourself the wide array of furniture available right here. In addition to modern sectionals, you can also find other types of designer sofas at our San Diego store or online. Our carefully curated collection also includes numerous shelving solutions that will save you space and perfect media stands for your family home in San Diego.

After finding all the stylish pieces for your chic sanctuary, you can visit our store or shop from your own home. We ship our products across 48 different states and deliver them right to your doorstep. Just take your pick, place an order, and we’ll process it within 72 hours. Let’s decorate your home!

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